Simulations, Games and Role-play in University Education

Simulations Games and Role-play in University Education

This book showcases how authors are using simulations games and role-play in higher education. It was written at the 6th international academic LiHE-symposium in Sydney. It is edited by Claus Nygaard, Nigel Courtney and Elyssebeth Leigh. It covers inspiring cases of the use of simulations, games and role-plays as vehicles to improve university students’ learning outcomes.

The contents include a balance of theory and practice, addressing how simulations and games work in specific contexts and contribute to creating learning and knowledge. They explore how individuals can move from teaching-oriented to learning-oriented approaches, and examine theories informing the design of simulations and games and the facilitation of learning processes.

About the Editors

Claus Nygaard is Professor in Management Education at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

Nigel Courtney is Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow at Cass Business School, City University London, UK.

Elyssebeth Leigh is a simulation professional, spending more than 30 years applying simulation strategies and techniques to enhance learning in business and academic settings in Australia and numerous other countries.

Simulations Games and Role-play in University Education is published by Libri Publishing Ltd., Oxfordshire, UK.