Improving students learning outcomes

Improving students learning outcomes can be done in many inspiring ways.

The book Improving Students’ Learning Outcomes showcases ways of developing teaching and learning activities at university level so engage students and improve their learning outcome. The book is available from various online bookstores:, or directly from our publisher, CBS PRESS.

Claus Nygaard, Clive Holtham & Nigel Courtney (eds.): “Improving Students’ Learning Outcomes,” CBS PRESS, August 2009, 335p.

“Improving Students’ Learning Outcomes provides a perceptive insight into the lived experience of practitioners striving to achieve the book’s title. The experience from four continents gives this excellently edited book not only a broad perspective but demonstrates the universal necessity to shift from supply-driven to outcome-based higher education.“, Professor Lee Harvey, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. Editor, Quality in Higher Education.

“This book will clearly challenge the stance of traditional academics who still see their role as one of ‘knowledge transmission,’ as if knowledge is a definable and containable commodity. Sustained application of the learning environments and principles set out in this anthology will develop the capabilities of academics, and students, to enthusiastically address the consequent shifts in power, understanding and knowledge acquisition.“, Dr. Elyssebeth Leigh, Senior Lecturer in Adult Education, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

“Improving Students’ Learning Outcomes is a timely contribution to the study of pedagogy, in this period of change when many organizations and even societies are reconsidering their learning philosophies and approaches. This book provides invaluable insights that should help both practitioners and policy makers determine the steps that can help boost results and thereby improve development – both of individuals and the communities of which they are a part.“, Charles Bodwell, Enterprise Specialist for the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, International Labour Organization.

This book is a source of inspiration for teachers of university students who wish to find inspiration for improving learning outcomes.

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About the editors

Claus Nygaard is Professor in Management Education, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. Originally trained in business economics and administration, where he holds a Ph.D., he became Associate Professor of Economic Sociology at Department of Organization and Copenhagen Business School. In 2000 he changed position to CBS Learning Lab, and began to work with Quality Enhancement of Higher Education. He was a driving force behind the formulation and implementation of the “Learning Strategy” for Copenhagen Business School in 2005. He has received distinguished research awards from Allied Academies, outstanding paper awards from Students in Free Enterprise, and he was voted “best teacher” at Copenhagen Business School in 2001. His research has resulted in several anthologies, and he has published in leading journals like “Higher Education,” “International Studies of Management & Organization,” and “International Journal of Public Sector Management.”

Clive Holtham is Professor of Information Management and Director of the Learning Laboratory at Cass Business School, London, UK. After taking a Masters degree in management, he trained as an accountant and was Young Accountant of the Year in 1976. Following six years as a Director of Finance and IT, he moved to the Business School in 1988. His research is into the strategic exploitation of information systems, knowledge management, and management learning. He has been an adviser to the European Parliament on educational technology, and led a major EU project on measurement and reporting of intangibles as well as the highly rated QuBE project into quality enhancement in business schools. In 2003 he was awarded a UK National Teaching Fellowship, and is a board member of the Non-Profit E-learning Network (2008-2011), a major initiative to promote management education through informal online learning. He is the author of a large number of publications, and lectures, broadcasts and consults in the UK and internationally. He was a founding member of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists, the City of London’s 100th livery company.

Nigel Courtney is an Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow at Cass Business School, London, UK, where he took the MBA and gained his Ph.D. He is a chartered engineer, a certified management consultant and a certified IT professional, with extensive experience in project and general management. His firm, Courtney Consulting, has served the European Commission and Transport for London among others. At Cass, he teaches Business Information Management on the Executive MBA. He manages a longitudinal research project by a six-university consortium on quality in business education ( and has been a Visiting Research Fellow at the Australian Graduate School of Management, Sydney. His research interests include innovation in management education, support for part-time teachers, and the effective use of teaching room technologies.